Sep 29, 2012

turn around, you're a big girl, walking out of the door...

I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up with all the important events of the past months that I have stacks and stacks of photos of, which have gone unedited and unblogged! Here's a start: Julia's 7th Birthday party. Due to sickness in the family, none of the cousins were able to make the party, but happy-go-lucky Julia was radiant regardless. I made a slightly simpler cake than usual (still getting my kitched decked out!) with rich chocolate and a surprisingly yummy pink lemonade frosting. We had about half of it left over which we decided to store in the only place in the house my children don't know we stash goodies: the laundry room. Remind me to never let them read this...
Alright, pictures or it didn't happen!
Julia's big present from us was the Teepee I spent the entire previous Saturday making. Julia just loves hiding, having her me-time, and getting cosy... so I figured this would be a pretty perfect gift for her. She loved it and it's been played with so much. I recommend giving making one a try instead of buying one, cause if I can do it I'm pretty sure anyone can! Saved me $75-$150 too ::happy face::
As a cherry on top of a great day, we had a surprise visit in the evening: Newlyweds Trevor and Caitlin DeMass paid us a visit and brought Lisa Mule with them, who brought us all sorts of yummy goodies from Holland (licorice root licorice, chocolates, stroopwafels... mmmmm). It's so good to see folks from back home from time to time!

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