Dec 3, 2011


I just wanted to let whoever checks this place know that I'm still alive! (albeit barely...)

I doubt I need to explain why blogging hasn't been a top priority, but just in case I do, I've made a nice little list of good reasons just for you.

1. I have 4 children.
2. The holiday season is the busiest time of year
3. My 4 children, husband and myself are leaving behind the life we know and taking the big leap into the relative unknown and moving to Ogden, Utah, USA in no more than 5 days time.
4. I have 4 children.
5. The voices are telling me to do other things with my time.
6. I got a lovely case of strep throat last Tuesday night, during my last week in Holland, possibly the busiest week known to man this entire milennium. When the fever was still with me this morning we decided to go to the doctor. You know it's bad when a seasoned physician looks into your mouth and goes 'wow, that's gotta hurt'.
7. Badgers.

There you go. Seven solid reasons why you simply can't be mad at me for not supplying you with regular entertainment and updates on me and mine. That said, I'm here now, so please allow me to get you up to speed, again in handy list form!

1. The kids had a wonderful farewell party last Wednesday afternoon. Lots of their friends and their parents came, many brought beautiful pictures/photographs/small presents and much fun and play was had. It was a very good opportunity for them to have closure in a positive way. It's good to face sadness I think. The other night Lara couldn't sleep and came to us, teary eyed and runny nosed. She realised how much she's going to miss her friends and loved ones and I let her get in bed with me and we talked about every single person she thought she was going to miss. We then shared happy memories off all those people and a smile quickly came back to her face. I just held her and told her everything would be okay. She said 'I know mommy', and fell asleep less than a minute later. Oh to be a child...
2. We sold The Beast! I'll miss that thing... my thighs won't, but I will.
3. Sander and I got released from our callings in church (both in Sunday School), I gave a talk, we had a RS goodbye party where I handed over all of my most beloved recipes to my dear sisters in the ward, and our names have been taken off the home and visiting teaching lists.
4. Sinterklaas came to school on the same day the girls had their last day there. They came home with presents and more beautiful drawings and pictures from the children in their classes, and of course lots of stories about Zwarte Piet. BTW did you know there is a 'VliegPiet' who makes special deliveries for Sinterklaas all over the world?
5. We have been on the receiving end of some very special acts of kindness. While I've been ill the huge workload that would have been much even for two people, all came down on Sander's shoulders. A couple of angels have dropped by to lighten his load by folding mountains of laundry, sweeping floors, looking after the boys, picking the girls up from school, dusting and doing the dishes. To all of you who have helped: we love you, thank you so much for easing our burdens. We hope to be able to return the favour.
6. I have 4 children. Wait, which list was this one again?

I know I'm forgetting things (since I always have, and most likely always will) but these things stood out. So there you go readers, now get off my case already.

Aw just kidding, I love you guys! I'll be blogging more as soon as I can!

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