Oct 21, 2011

rated USW

Paranormal Activity 3 is hands down the scariest movie I've seen all year. I watched the first Paranormal Activity alone with Sander, in our bedroom late at night. For anyone who has seen it, you'll understand our mistake there.... we hardly slept that night. We watched the second one together with Liz on Halloween night last year in our fort in the living room - we figured building a fort would protect us from any and all evil. Sander had to get up 20 minutes into the movie to turn all the lights on in the house, and he kept pausing it because he thought he heard noises. Thus, Liz and I figured we had better screen the third one for him, to make sure he would be able to watch it without suffering a nervous breakdown. 

We rated it USW. Unwise for Sander to Watch. 

I have this thing where I have to have my legs up on the seat with me when a movie gets really scary. This becomes a little trickier when getting scared in a full movie theatre as opposed to the comfort and privacy of your own couch; the seats are a LOT smaller and you don't want your knee to hit the drink out of the hand of the stranger sitting next to you. It's just bad cinema etiquette, you know? This movie was SO scary though, that I came out of that theatre with debilitating leg cramps from keeping my feet up on the seat in a very uncomfortable position for, oh say, 95% of the film. I don't understand that there are people who don't get scared by the homevideo/documentary style scary movies. For me it all started with The Blair Witch Project. Ever since seeing that (again with Liz, when the pure terror caused us to spend half the film on each other's laps) I have basically been a basket case near any kind of trees. And now this. Thanks to the Paranormal Activities I will never be able to fall asleep with the lights off, or go for a late night snack by myself.  

And I love it.

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