Dec 24, 2010

no time!

I would love to blog more (not in the least because blogging generally means me sitting in a room all by myself in silence, blissful silence) but now is simply not the time for cow blogging! Just typing that sentence used up all the time I had allowed myself at the computer. So I will, once again, keep the chitter-chatter to a minimum and try to dazzle you with pictures, so you won't even notice the lack of text.

We left mom and dad home to enjoy the silence, and we braved the cold and the large number of children to visit the Winter Efteling! Lucky for us Liz wanted to come along, a much needed extra pair of hands (and extra lovely smile!). It was cold, but there were fires that brave Efteling cast-members kept going all day long so that all visitors could warm up in between rides.

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