Oct 26, 2010

RIP music monday

You may have noticed that Music Monday has been on the back burner for a few weeks now and I'm not sure it's coming back. Things have been kind of hectic in my head for a while and that makes it very hard to perform organized tasks such as a weekly theme-post.

But all is not lost! I still have plenty of music to share, I'll just do it in a more random fashion for a while.

How about you feast your ears on these INXS covers that Beck and his entourage of supertotallyawesome musicians have been making?

Or whaddaya say we do a little dancing to this new Lykke Li song?

Lately I've been taking on the daunting task of putting the best selection of ALL the music I have into the mother of all playlists. I've been at it for about 30 minutes every day and have still only gotten to 'R' (I'm doing it backwards from 'Z', I'm a rebel.). So far I believe I have 4 solid days of music lined up, so this list will end up taking 2 days just to load once I finish adding to it. I know I could just throw everything I have into a player but the point is to make sure that only the songs I really want to hear end up in there. I have some crazy stuff and I'd rather not be faced with a hardcore Death Metal song, or one of Weird Al's polka's while I'm trying to keep my head together in this crazy household. I'll put those on when I'm in that specific mood, thank you very much.

How do you organize your music? Do you have it categorized by genre, by alphabet, by year of release? A combination of several of those? What do you do with songs that cross over into several genres?
These questions keep me up at night!

Which music player to you like to use and why? What kinds of playlists do you have, if any?

In other music news: Starting this next Thursday I'll be spending my Thursday mornings teaching piano to my friend Hellen after she overheard me complaining about the limited number of people capable of accompanying the singing in church. I made a pact with her that I would teach her for free, if she solemnly swore to take it seriously and not give up until she could comfortably play at least 5 hymns from the standard hymn book.

Let's see how long that lasts ;)

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